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Two Years To Never by Ghoti Hook
Two Years To Never (2000)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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Lullaby by Ghoti Hook

Sunday night has come again
And still I cannot sleep
Hidden lines have come to a head
No more secrets left to keep.
And now that everything is gone
the morning sun seems bittersweet
Has the day begun already?

And now ashamed of who I am
I missed what everyone could see
Always a fight for me to change
Into the man you want me to be
A better man that shares my name
Can I look into his eyes
And see a reflection of me?

I try to make it through the day
too confused to disbelieve
Did it use to be this way?
I try to remember speaking
You thought would understand
Appreciate my weakness
And tell me I can be a man


What's left inside to see these captured thoughts surrounding jealousy
No hope do you belive if left alone these words will bury me
And who will sing this boy to sleep in the stillness of his room
Present a melody of peace beckon dreams to follow soon
But if there's no on left but him then the curtain has been drawn
A wasted life deserves no song.




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