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Bloom by Audio Adrenaline
Bloom (1996)
Label: Forefront

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there is music and laughter lately
and there's prayers and praise
there are reasons to be so happy
and beliefs to embrace
there are times to be so angry
I'd rather lie in the sun
It's the summer of my lifetime
i've been blessed with some fun

I'm a season past springtime
and my life has gone boom
keep my eyes on the Father
everything is in bloom

everything will just get better
through the seasons i'll roam
when all of the music's over
i will get to go home

i don't need theology
to know that God's been good to me
he's given me a family
and a place to lay my head
flung into the great unknown
I was walking on my own
now i never walk alone
if i did i would be dead
i can't use it all myself
so i take it off the shelf
here it is, enjoy yourself
put away your drudgery
use it up there's always more
that's what it's intended for
be the Lord's ambassador
to be the planet's remedy



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