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Everything and More by Story Side B
Everything and More (2005)
Label: Gotee

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Miracle by Story Side B

I bide my time, with my guitar
Writing song alone in the dark
I put your picture on my shelf
Another story book end
Then, you gave me life
A reason to fight
Against the undertow, we face the night
My God I need you by my side
All my secrets trust in You

A miracle is in my hand
I hope I don't throw it away again
A miracle that won't come again, again, again

So I offer to You these chains I wear
I reach my hands up in the air
Surrender my hope, my love, my dreams to You
All my secrets, trust in You


I'm burning from the outside
I'm yearning on the inside
Please don't let me lose sight
I pray to You


All I have to give
Is how I live
This I give, to You



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