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Finally Awake by Seventh Day Slumber
Finally Awake (2007)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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Missing Pages by Seventh Day Slumber

On the outside all we see is clay
That hides the perfect light
But no one really knows the pain inside

I understand how much it hurts
To be the one who's never seen
The missing pages in a magazine

No one knows you anymore
You're lost inside the walls you've built
No one knows you anymore
A prison deep within your soul
There is One who sees it all
He'll give you life you've never dreamed
He can see the pain underneath your skin

It's hard to see you fading
Nothing that I do can bring you back
I pray to God that you don't fade away
Your addiction is a symptom of a lost and dying soul
Without Jesus there's no hope at all

There's so much more this is not the end
It's all in your hands don't throw it away
A beautiful life with so much to give
The image of God underneath your skin

The beauty of God underneath your skin (3x)



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