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You Should Be Living by Two Thirty Eight
You Should Be Living (2002)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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Modern Day Prayer by Two Thirty Eight

God, if you can hear
Can you help me and my friends
We've been driving all night into deadends
We just want to find our own way home again.
We knew you as kids
But lost you in smokey bars
We lost you in the boom of lowered cars
In parties that grew into the yard

God, if you can hear, as the sun is creeping down
Could you kindly point me right out of town
Honestly Im sick and tired of falling down.
We knew you'd be here in the fray of darkest nights
In the sad and holy glow of t.v. light
In the blood and the bruise of the back alley fights

So, we were totally deprived
Buried alive
I couldn't help myself to save my life.



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