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Banana Man by Ghoti Hook
Banana Man (1997)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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My Bike by Ghoti Hook

There's just one thing that I love more than anything
I hold it so near to my heart
It has just one gear and a pair of blue training wheels
A headlight to see in the dark

I li-i-i-ike
My bi-i-i-ike
It's not like other bikes (2x)

It has pinwheels and a purple banana seat
Loud cards in the spokes as they bend
It has a big horn that I honk when you're in my way
So I don't run over my friends


I ride my bike to the girl that I like
And she looks at me and my bike
A tear fills her eye as she's filled with great pride
When I ask her to take a ride

Me and my girl we ride all over town on it
My guide is the street and the sun
We stop for a shake I pretend we'll share all of it
Then I hit the eject button




405 N Jefferson Ave, Ste 1015

Springfield, MO 65806


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