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My Daddy Can Whip Your Daddy by Disciple
My Daddy Can Whip Your Daddy (1997)
Label: Warner Resound

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My Daddy Can Whip Your Daddy by Disciple

My God is I am who I am The spotless Lamb He's the Son of Man He's the absolute perfection He's my resurrection And by God he's my protection!

God is good, God is good He's so freak'n awesome!

Chorus Draw close to Him He draws close to me His children are as the sands to the sea He placed in me a redemption song And when He's weakest He's still strong

My God is as gentle as a dove come from above Unconditional love He's sacrificial through His son Second to none He's the almighty Holy one!

God is so good I love Him so much He's done so much for me My Daddy can whip your daddy!



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