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Your Days Are Numbered by noggintoboggan
Your Days Are Numbered (2000)
Label: Bettie Rocket

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My Own Few Words by noggintoboggan

well i've had my better days
you can't think of how i feel
sometimes i feel alone
but now it feels unreal
and i'm thinking to myself
cuz there is no one else to hear
what i have to say
well they talk they talk they talk
but no one comes around
they see what they want to see
but no one comes to me
it's just funny how that works
you'd think that i should have
my own few words

all my fears and all my tears
and all my pain has gone away
well at least that i know where i'm standing
it's not my planning now

just like that things have changed
you see an open ear means the world to me
it takes a friend at least someone who cares enough
someone to sit in on things i do
the things i think question me
my mind's not blank there's enough to spill
at any time

to have a better day doesn't take much
sometimes it takes my own few words



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