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Exodus by DC Talk
Exodus (1998)
Label: Rocketown

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My Will by DC Talk

I'm setting the stage for - the things I love.
and I'm now the man I - once couldn't be.
Nothing on Earth could - now ever move me.
I now have the will and - the strength a man needs.

It's my will - and I'm not moving.
cause if it's your will - nothing can shake me.
It's my will - to bow and praise you
I now have the will - to praise my God

Complexity haunts me - for I am two men.
Entrenched in a battle - that I'll never win.
My discipline fails me - my knowledge it fools me.
But you are my shelter - the strength that I need.

I'm learning to give up - the rights to myself.
the bits and the pieces - I've gathered as wealth.
And nothing compares to - the joy that you bring me.
The peace that you've shown me - is the strength that I need.

We've got to be - Children of Peace
We've got to be - Children of Peace



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