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Bloom by Audio Adrenaline
Bloom (1996)
Label: Forefront

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Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus by Audio Adrenaline

i could move to hollywood
get my teeth capped, i know i could
be a big star on the silver screen
just like james dean i could be a star
i could climb the corporate ladder
buy, sell, and liquidate
maybe be just like the beatles
melodic rocking heavyweights
i could be anything
but one thing's true

never gonna be as big as Jesus
never gonna hold the world in my hand
Never gonna be as big as Jesus
never gonna build the promise land
but that, that's all right, o.k. with me

i could build a tower to heaven
get on top and touch the sky
i could write a million songs
all designed to glorify
i could be about as good
good as any human could
but that won't get me by



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