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The Boy vs The Cynic by John Reuben
The Boy vs The Cynic (2005)
Label: Gotee

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Nuisance (feat. Matt Theissen from Relient K) by John Reuben

So here we are in the same old spot knowing something needs to happen but
our mouths are locked tongue tied closed tight sealed shut yup I tried hard
but it just wouldn’t come up it's on the tip of my tongue it's on the front
of my mind yet the words were still so hard to find finally the reality of
things that come and push me to the edge I jumped off the cliff into the
abyss as I said

I’m not trying to be a nuisance I just think we can do better than this that
was simply my two cents you can you can take it or leave it

the conversation lingered on and on and before i knew it night had turned to
dawn and we'll be searching for the truth in all of this ha or are we
debating just to win the argument cause none of us wanna here about where we
go wrong this song could easily be from me to you or me to john cause I have
the potential to be he guiltiest ha my greatest strength is also my
strongest weakness


let's think about this path that we're taking let's think about this future
we're creating let's think about this life that is fading think about it
come on think about now lets think about this time we're spending investing
on monetary things that are ending let's think about it then let's think
together let's think about what we can do to make it better

chorus (we can and we will)

we can and we will do better than this(repeated)



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