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Adventures of the OC Supertones by Supertones
Adventures of the OC Supertones (1996)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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O.C. Supertones by Supertones

We ain't got no place to go
Let's go to the rudeboy show
I wanna hear them play it rude
Gonna pop some rudeboy attitude

You know I get up when I hear and then He found me
You now I'm safe and sound with my rudeboyz all around me
Well the Supertones are up, we gonna kick it to the burbs
And our purpose is to serve in case you hadn't heard
Father, Son, Spirit, hear it, near it, fear it
Father son and holy spirit
God's alive and He's here right now, here right now

That's just life down in Southern California
That's just life OrangeCounty California

Well if you used to be a Christian then you never was
Just sittin' up in Church and sayin' what a Christian does
The world's got the fun, but the devil's got the trigger
Stand strong with faith, deeper than a t-shirt or a sticker
You probably ask yourself, how'd this Jew boy get so crazy
Came from kickin' mad knowledge, didn't come from being lazy
We got the rhythm and the rhythms got roots
I'm a crazy little Hebrew on stage wearin' monkey boots
I love to be onstage and sing and bimskalabimmin
I love to be out in the crowd a stankin' and swimmin'
Kind David, my great grandfather, was a dancer
Kind Solomon, my great grandfather, a romancer
Jesus came from Jesse, but Jesse came from Jesus
Now come to Lord Jesus cuz Lord Jesus frees us



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