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Shoot Me Down by By The Tree
Shoot Me Down (1999)
Label: Independent

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One Drop Of Blood by By The Tree

Does it feel good?
Does it feel right?
In your own eyes you see your site
In all your innocence you place the blame
Do you know what you've done to Him?
A substance to alter your mine
You try to change your world
In your heart you know what;s right
But you don't want to lose your life
He came, He bled, He died
One drop of blood demands your life
You sit in the seat of judgement
And in your foolish heart you condemn
Every great move of the Father
But your heart, it's filled with sin
Won't you give your heart to Jesus?
Won't you give you heart to Him?
Won't you give your heart to Jesus?
He will forgive you all your sins
Chorus (4x)



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