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Above by Pillar
Above (2000)
Label: Flicker

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Original Superman by Pillar

He heals the sick He saves the lost and died for you in case you've forgot, man
He'll jump a building in a single bound
I once was lost but now I'm found
He needs no mask or cape or gown
all He needs is His holy crown
it's time for you to understand Jesus Christ the Original Superman
He'll be your hero in the end, He is that one true superfriend
Kryptonite can't slow him down, nothin' can at all
He's always there for you, He'll pick you up if you should fall
He came to earth in the flesh and
Performing miracles and died for man
A forty day fast is more than I could take
He did it for you and He did it for my sake
Ye of little faith He said to them raised his hand and all was calm again
It's time for you to understand
Jesus Christ the Original Superman
Up up and away He's saving souls in a new way
Just like Superman was there He's always there to save the day
He works through all of us
through Him we have the power
It's time to unify so we can constantly devour
The devil and all of his games we need not be ashamed
Of anything we can do that we can do that we can glorify His name
Many names He has been given
Prince of Peace, Son of Man
Here's one more for His list
The Original Superman



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