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Runaways (Deluxe Edition) by Sumerlin
Runaways (Deluxe Edition) (2015)
Label: Dream

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Out Of My Head by Sumerlin

As every minute goes by
While the days pass
I feel you're pushing me away
You promised me all this time
That you were in this for life
I feel we were just afraid

But now you're just a ghost in my eyes

Get it- Out of my head, out of my head
Say it- Like I mean it, like I mean it
Now or never
Are you gonna stay forever?
Take it- All that I am, all that I am
Running- After your heart, after your heart
Now or never
Are you gonna stay forever?

Letting go into you
Turned my back on the truth
I feel this was my escape
But I know you have a hold on me
A heart without its certainty, its currency
Can't take much more of complacency

No you're not
Gonna own me
No you won't get
A word out of me
(You not gonna get another song out of me)



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