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Poetic by Tinman Jones
Poetic (2003)
Label: Cross Driven

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Party by Tinman Jones

Gather round we gonna rock this town
We bring the sound and you look around
And wonder we do what we do
It's all because of you and a heart that's true
We bring love and we sing love
And believe in the being that gives supreme love
We rock notes and we rock folks
My father gave me dreams and with dreams comes hopes
We write the tunes and we play the tunes
And we incorporate and deliver to you
We sing the song with it comes the tone
You'll be catchin' on and singin along

This is your party, we were just invited
This is our song, you're invited to recite it
This is your party, this is our song

Put a smile on your face its your time to fit in
Into the place, surprised that you could get in
You're my guest of honor, glad that you could make it
Beautiful when you smile not as pretty when you fake it
Now that I got your attention there's some things that you should know
There's a God, you don't ever need to walk alone
Father of love, Father of my existence
God of all creation, the Father of my repentance
Glad that you could make it down here with us
We bring rhythms and beats around here with us
We bring smiles upon smiles for miles upon miles
And a heart as big as Texas released from inner Childs



405 N Jefferson Ave, Ste 1015

Springfield, MO 65806


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