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Extra-Ordinary by Johnny Q. Public
Extra-Ordinary (1995)
Label: Gotee

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Preacher's Kid by Johnny Q. Public

I'm staring through glass stained by insecurity and hurt
I'm wondering
Got lots of questions
But no answers why

Daddy is the pastor of this church
Seems to be his only out besides basketball on the TV
Basketball on the TV

My name is Aaron does anybody care
I wanna fly to the moon and drive a race car
Would like to be a star
My name is Aaron please tell me if I'm wrong
Please tell me if I'm wrong
I wanna dream I wanna dream
I wanna dream

'Cause dreams are real to me as nothing is reality
Like the pictures that I draw
That I draw
Of dinosaurs
They remind me of the man who prays for the needy in our church
In other words
I'm not a good artist


Does Jesus love me mommy
Does Jesus love me daddy
Does Jesus love me anybody
Does Jesus does anybody love me




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