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Love is by A Rotterdam November
Love is (2010)
Label: Independent

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Problematic by A Rotterdam November

Telling everybody what they wanna hear
I'm not them, I wanna know the truth and
I'm not them, I wanna know you
Don't be fooled tonight
(don't be fooled)
A bird isn't free when it's in flight
It's chained, chained chained,
By the distance it creates with each wing and

Flying away is problematic
Cuz you're not the only one being taken for granted
You search the world for consistency
First place to look is the mirror above your sink
A home isn't subject to sacrifice
And family shouldn't be split twice
You're alone, alone, alone, alone
While you still have one
Please come home

When will you realize that you have loved
It's OK, it's OK to be loved and
I know you never got enough
I know he hurt you
(I know he)
There's not much more
We can do
The past, the past, the past,
The thing about the past,
Is it can't last

And how are you feeling
Has anything changed
From last night
I read "I love you" letters
Fragments and splinters

But only gave me shivers, shivers
Have you read a word you've written?
Have you heard a word I've spoken?
When will all of this sink in?
Why are all your mirrors broken?

The moon can't affect the tide
The way you change me with a smile
Tomorrow will be better
I'm betting on the sun
I couldn't imagine a darker morning
The one that wakes you



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