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A Golden Field of Radioactive Crows by 77's
A Golden Field of Radioactive Crows (2001)
Label: Galaxy 21

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every minute the angels come
gonna take away another one i love
is someone in a hurry to get things done?
put on your wings here comes another one look out

if you let me know what i can do
i will surely try and help you
we are related
we cannot keep the box that we came in - gotta give it up

nothing left to do here or talk about
board up the windows we're gonna head on out now
we know the reason for the undertow
so we don't forget how deep the water goes


angel come down and stretch my skin
inside out, upside down, and in
gonna bind my little hands with my own deceit
spin me around until my soul ends meet


we'll never need the roses once they're faded
we cannot keep the box that we came in



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