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Right Now by Bright Light Parade
Right Now (2011)
Label: VSR

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Right Now by Bright Light Parade

They tell me what to do and be
To fit this picture that they see
I won't give in, I'll stand alone

Knowing right from every wrong
My heart knows right where it belongs
I'm learning how to understand to
Live my life as who I am

I've found someone who believes in me
The person I've been made to be

Right now You are making a way
For all my dreams to come true
And right now it's amazing to see
That they're coming true because of You

They push and pull and rearrange
The person I've been made to be
I'm looking up for something true

I'm holding on to who I am
This person built by second chance
I've realized there's more to life
Than hiding from what's inside



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