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Welcome Race Fans by Dakoda Motor Co
Welcome Race Fans (1994)
Label: Myrrh

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Rockin' In The Mall by Dakoda Motor Co

In the morning and the evening
All Saturday long
You see them dressed in their
Saturday best
They're not sure if they're hip or square
They don't care – ‘cause they're guaranteed
A spot as they go rockin' in the mall

Lying in a wait for a chance to date
The loser of their dreams
They don't care if it's a king or a queen
They don't care – they say, “second best was never
Too good for me”

Travel around the world
What do I see
People dying in front of me
It's the same
Everywhere I go

The silent voice among the silent choice
Screams out loud and clear
“How, oh, how did we ever get here?
Well, I don't know and how could I know
My choice was so severe”



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