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Lofcaudio by Mastedon
Lofcaudio (1990)
Label: Pakaderm

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Run To The Water by Mastedon

Ooo, it doesn't matter which way I turn, I get turned away.
No, it doesn't matter how long I wait or how hard I pray.
Ooo, everytime I try to leave, I get left behind,
I'm about to lose control, and I'm about to lose my mind,
If I don't

Run to the water,
Run to the sea,
Let it carry me Homeward,
Run to the water

Ooo, I wish I were a blind man, then I wouldn't have to see
The way things really are, the true reality.
Ooo, I wish I were a child again, then I wouldn't have to know
The hands that we hold on to, sometimes they let go.
I'm gonna




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