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Poetic by Tinman Jones
Poetic (2003)
Label: Cross Driven

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Say Goodbye by Tinman Jones

Standing all alone
Wandering so far from home
Still too far to hear the voice that's calling
Something in song
Something from a microphone
Something in the way you were so honest
Even though blinded in faded belief
Be reminded of twilight release
Say goodbye
To the night
The stars no longer
Rule the sky
Heard it all before
You are just the messenger
Everything you're telling me and more
Something in your head
Something in the thing you said
Something in the way you told the truth
Do you remember when you believed
And though you flinch
When I say someone loves you
Enough to die for you
Enough to die for you
Enough to die for you
The sun is up
Come on over
The sun is up
Let's start over
All over



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