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Voices In The Night by Silverline
Voices In The Night (2010)
Label: Vertical Shift

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Shine A Light by Silverline

well here it
comes in circular motion
I find to it is the easy way out
and what I've done in silence will be shouted
from the rooftops
soon what I thought I'd buried seems to come
right out

over and over again
it comes out in the end

shine a light on my heart
show me things that I have left in the dark
until now
so shine your light cause
I'm done with this

and it hurts just like a band-aid
so move fast
I'll be a better man
when this smell gets off me
and all my cover-ups and good intentions
won't last
so I'm giving you another shot where i
should've started
it's what your good at

a new day is coming
the dawn arising
as a fear of change melts away
and all we are is what you want
as burdens lift and fall apart
when you came inside
shine your light



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