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Last One Picked by Superchic[k]
Last One Picked (2002)
Label: Inpop

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So Bright (Stand Up) by Superchic[k]

You're bored, gotta wonder if there's more
Waiting for the dream life you thought you had in store.
Trying to feel something you can chase a life that's thrilla
Living on the edge smoking drinking dream killas.
Couldabeen shouldabeen woulda been..
what might your life have been
Today you're not a has-been, but at your life's end
will you have regrets than, have regrets than?
Are you ok with today if tomorrow is the end

Live today through the future's lens
Don't wanna wish you could rewind and play it again

Stand up write the soundtrack for your life
It doesn't happen to you,you happen to life
Stand up you know you're gonna have to fight
Don't wanna lose the will to find your light
Stand up, God gave you the gift of life
It doesn't happen to you, you happen to life
Stand up, do somthing with your light
You're a light on a hill, you're meant to shine so bright

We're all scared, gotta wonder whats out there,
Shooting down the ones who did what we wish we dared
Everybody's scared to Karaoke in the open
Afraid we're not as special as what we might be hoping so we're frozen haven't chosen
just going through the motions
Faith and belief, courage overrule emotions
Stand up and be counted for something when it's time
Decide where you stand, take your hands raise em high
Live today through the futures lens
Don't wanna wish you could reset and play it again



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