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Relient K by Relient K
Relient K (2000)
Label: Gotee

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Softer To Me by Relient K

Where am I
Where are you
There's so much time so little to do
We're busy doing nothing
Cause it's vanity we prize
You can't see nothing
Cause you can't see through your eyes

They're covered with a film
You're blinded by yourself
You're the one to blame but
You pretend it's someone else

Life, could you be a little softer to me
Life, could you be more gentle to me
Yeah, I know this is a selfish plea
Cause Christ sacrificed His flesh on the cross for me
But this world is hard, it's cruel and I wish it would be
softer to me

I'm still alive
That much is true
I've never lied
Well, I guess I've told a few
There's nothing to see,
Because I brought nothing to show.
The converstation got too deep
I shrug and tell you, "I don't know"
This life is so hard
It's wicked and it's cruel
Sometimes I fall apart
I feel just like a useless tool



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