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Still Breathing by Veridia
Still Breathing (2016)
Label: Word

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Still Breathing by Veridia

I don't wanna hear that
Everything is okay
Cause it's not alright
I need a little time to find
Some peace of heart and peace of mind
All I know is we don't always get a
Happy ending

It's not about where we are right now
But where we're going
I'm still breathing
Blood is burning in my veins
I wanna feel the pain
You're still healing
Every moment every day
Is a gift you gave
I can't believe I'm still breathing

I know that the sorrow
Will come back tomorrow
But I am ready
Gonna be grateful
For everything that made me
Who I am today

'Cause I know when it comes, when it goes
It'll make me stronger
When the good times come
It'll all be that much better

Turn the light off
Let the monsters come
I am not gonna be afraid
'Cause I know that I am not alone
I've got giants on my side



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