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Everything Is Broken by Uprise
Everything Is Broken (2009)
Label: Independent

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Still Healing by Uprise

you said it's over, you said i wouldn't feel
but now i'm older, and i'm still healing
you shut me out from your love you took away
grew up without you and i'm still healing

it was you all along that was hurting just like me
it was you all along that was taking it out on me
how long til we get over this?
how long til you face what you did?
all the pain you gave to me
it's still healing

you left me memories, a scar for every vice
you took out on me, and i'm still healing
i'm getting stronger, i found the remedy
you're going under, and i'm still healing

i'm still here - you're still the enemy
i'm still here - it's not the end of me
i'm still here - and i am healing



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