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Still Know How To Groove by Everybodyduck
Still Know How To Groove (1998)
Label: Diadem

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Sunday Shoes by Everybodyduck

Well I've a problem you can't see
that has the old folks on their knees
It seems that in my youth a big mistake I've made
I guess my hair's a bit too long
and well my music's just all wrong
And when it comes to praising God
some simple rules must be obeyed

They say no talking in church,
they say no laughing in church
Just sit up straight and
keep your feet out of the aisle
They say no clapping in church and
no feet tapping in church
we're glad you're here but this is serious
so don't even crack a smile

But there's so much joy in my life since the day
Jesus came and took away my blues
Well excuse me friends my faith won't let me sit down
I've got dancing room in my Sunday shoes

I guess I kind of understand
why their religion seems so bland
They've left their faith sit for so long
that now it's stale
Maybe if they take a look at me
they'll see how great new life can be
And those who hold their breath in church
might finally learn how to exhale


Some may wonder why I have to
raise up such a fuss
It's cause I've seen the enemy and
I'd swear that he is us




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