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The River by Allies
The River (1990)
Label: Dayspring

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Take Me To The River by Allies

Can't take much more of this heat
You got the water and I got the need
I feel a thirst in my soul
I'm burnin' up from head to toe

You gotta help me out, you know I'm down on my knees
I'm holding on to you, you gotta help me mister, please
Come on and

Take me to the river
Carry me down
Take me to the river
Gotta make it somehow
I'm feelin' kinda tired and it's a long way down
Take me to the river
Before I drown

Feel like I'm breathin' my last
I'm goin' down and sinking fast
There ain't a moment to waste
When I close my eyes, I can almost taste it

I'm down-right busted and I'm down on my luck
I'm coming back to you, you know I just can't get enough
You gotta


I hear you callin', and I'm about to heed, it's alright
I'll get that water washin' over me till it's alright




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