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Never Say Dinosaur by Audio Adrenaline
Never Say Dinosaur (1996)
Label: Forefront

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Taste and See by Audio Adrenaline

If all you've got is a fancy car
And a precious diamond ring
When you stand before the Lord
Will it really mean a thing?
You've got to see how good your life can be
You've got to feel what's really, really real
How can you know until you taste and see
How good it is to really be set free?

Taste and see that the Lord is good
He's got milk and honey for you
Come and dine at the Master's table
He'll serve bread and wine to you

You've tasted this and you've tasted that
But you still ain't satisfied
You'll never find any peace of mind
In those empty things you try
Don't be afraid of tasting something new
Your soul is hungry, and nothing else will do
The Bread of Life will keep you satisfied
You won't go hungry or ever be denied

You've got to make up your mind
And leave your old life behind you
You know He'll take it away



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