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The Broken One by We Are Vessel
The Broken One (2017)
Label: Shattered Silence Music

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The Broken One by We Are Vessel

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There are memories of what you used to be.

Thinking all you've done had set you free.
There is something more in you, there is something to set free

When you are weak, he will be your strength

You're not the broken one
Don't let the fall define you
You're more than what you've been through
Don't count what you have done
A new life has begun
You're not the broken
You're not the broken one

I can see it in your eyes, where your doubts lie
Just know he's there, and that he's cares for you
You're Constantly questioning
What to do and who to be, but I believe
There is still a fight in you


You're not meant to be shaken
There is so much more to life
Than struggling
To find your way home




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