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How To Start A Fire by Further Seems Forever
How To Start A Fire (2003)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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If I only had an ocean
to compliment the sky
I'd pull it down
and paint it for you
and I'd never question why
cause “red would mean you loved me“
and “blue would mean you cared“
but black my heart
when left alone to cold
and killing stairs
this is the burning of a dream.

the sound now turns to silence
but I'll keep spinning around
naked in the rain of my own tears
as they fall into
the bucket of your apologies
while closing everyone else's eyes
because your own are shut
not to see the volume rise again

feels like I'm waiting
in the last hiding place
on earth haman's noose
tight around my neck but I'm saved
and for 100,000 memories
been washed ashore
be swept again by forever
and sailed away from you
only you could row my boat ashore
only you could set my fears at rest
but until lack of sympathies regress
I'm still waiting for your call



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