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Engage by Pax217
Engage (2002)
Label: Forefront

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Tonight by Pax217

Tonight! can you hear us.
Tonight! we are movin'.

Pack your bags, preparation to move.
We see the coming of our God oh so soon,
and so i ask you what did you do,
what did you do last night.
While every one of us thinks we got it got it
we're seekin'out things instead of comin'together,
we need to focus on the things above cause the things,
below will never fill us up.

We're movin', yeah we're movin
We're movin' movin out

Tonight! Can you hear us!
Tonight! We are waiting!
Tonight! Can you hear us!
Tonight! We are movin'!

Everybody always talkin' 'bout movement,
talkin' hype but their mouths can't prove it.
Lackin' action and they try but they can't find
Cause their soul and their shoe is all worn out,
and they're jumpin' for somethin' but they can't find
the ground.
Cause you see you and me we gotta break the box that
we live in.

We are movin' out.
We are movin'.

Can you hear us.
We are waiting.
Can you hear us.
We are movin'.

We are movin' out!



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