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Set It Off by Thousand Foot Krutch
Set It Off (2000)
Label: DJD

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Unbelievable by Thousand Foot Krutch

Check the method when I constantly
flow, no joke like the pronto, loud so,
John Doe up in his condo in Toronto, can
hear the way foot comes down,
just to give you the run down, Krutch be
droppin' it, daybreak to sundown,
when the smoke clears, who you think'll
be standin' there? grippin' four mics,
swingin' the cords up in the air, like
cowboys, we be rockin' the territory
in this rap game, 'n' CHRIST blessed us
with the octane, the same name,
who created the world in seven days,
will change ya life, you'd be amazed,
man, don't trip, we gon' carry on with the
Krutch preparin' the power punch 'n'

The things, you say, your word will
never push me away,
the things, you say,...

You're unbelivable,... you're so unbeliev-

I just wanna make jams, to pack the
clubs 'n' stadiums, with people of all
while makin' the crowd hype, I got
CHRIST in me, for the life of me,
stand truly thankful for the sites I see,
'n' sparks be ignitin',
the minute we start writin', GOD placed
me in this fightin', to speak 'n' to
and I'm just that type-a, lyrical rhyme
sniper, never a street fighter,
but down for gettin' hyper, I'm a beat
junkie brother, known by the emcee's,
for rippin' thru tracks like epidemic dis-
ease, and shout to J.C.
cuz' he reigns supreme, 'n' party people
out there know what I mean.



Check this out, check this out, stepped
on the scene, at the age of thirteen,
crystal-clean, kick it like ya never seen,
big expansion, that mmm bopped hanson,
'n' thru off Marylin Manson up in his
mansion, out to rock the globe,
while its still here to rock, with things
that'll make ya drop ya jaw,
run along 'n' lock ya door, it's the
Krutch coalition crowd, on a mission
original, givin' emcee's beat downs, we
bust, with the extreme thrust,
of ten warriors, the notorious, one triple
zero, no joke, we let it flow,
man for real though, steppin' on sneak-
ers with steel toes.





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