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Lay Your Weapons Down by Kiros
Lay Your Weapons Down (2012)
Label: Ain't No Grave

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Unshaken by Kiros

I know I've got a secret
And I know it's hard to keep it in
This detonator's in my core

If I can bring myself to breathe
Exhale my heart onto my sleeve
The repercussions will restore
Hope to all the hopeless who want more

We are we are unshaken
We are we're wide awake and
Living for something worth dying for
We are we're never breaking
We thrive on what's at stake when
Living for a love we can't ignore

I see the writing on the wall
I hear the echoes of this call
Inviting us to find our way
Thin lines part triumph and regret
Am I the voice or what's unsaid
What is the part that's mine to play?
I don't want to throw this chance away



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