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Scrub by Mayfair Laundry
Scrub (1997)
Label: Organic

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Wait and See by Mayfair Laundry

Forgive my timing it's just
I'm trying hard to see
Just what it is you're saying with your philosophy
You think you're godd and worthy
Were born a little prince
Looked in the mirror lately
It doesn't make much sense

All th goods
All the deeds
Meditate, wishful think
Oh, no the kitchen sink won't cut it

I wouldn't hold my breath
I wouldn't if I were you
Wouldn't grab at straws
Won't get you very far
I know it's up to you but
I wouldn't want to wait and see

You really think that maybe
If you just play it clean
You'll get your little planet
Where you can reign supreme
You say you're keeping the rules
And pay your dues right now
Reduce recycle reuse
Come back a holy cow

All the goods, all the deeds
Meditate, wishful think
Oh, no the kitchen sink
Won't pay the price
All the books, all the works
When you're looking at the stars
Oh no your psycho friends won't cut it



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