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Relient K by Relient K
Relient K (2000)
Label: Gotee

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Wake Up Call by Relient K

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"It's three pm" she said.
I said "You're crazy"
She said "Get out of bed.
Why are you so lazy?
Why waste the day away?"
I said "Because I'm tired."
"Wendy's called by the way.
They told me that you're fired."

So reckless for all these years,
I crashed into a wall.
There's a ringing in my ears,
and it's my wake-up call.
Jesus gave me a wake up call.
Take this world with a grain of salt.
Jesus gave me a wake up call.

"It's three am" she said
"Who are you Matchbox 20?"
She said "Are you getting rest?"
Sarcastic, I said "Plenty!"
"Don't be a hypocrite" I asked,
"What are you saying?"
"When you praise God do you mean it?
are you sleeping while you're praying?"

I know that pride and summertime come before fall.
Almost missed the bus, but Jesus gave me a wake-up call.



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