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Bloom by Audio Adrenaline
Bloom (1996)
Label: Forefront

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Walk On Water by Audio Adrenaline

simon peter won't you put those nets
down follow me, i'll lead you out of this town
to a place where no boat has ever been
i will make you a fisher of men
Jesus walked out on the water
said take courage, it is me
peter trusted and he wanted to go farther
so he stepped out on the sea,
yeah he stepped out onto the sea

If i keep my eyes on Jesus
i can walk on the water

just like peter i want to go farther
tread on the sea and walk on the water
step where he steps and go where he goes
side by side when the sea billows roll
it'll be all right when the wind comes
be all right when the waves come crashing
i'm not afraid, no, no, for this is my Father's world



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