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Still Know How To Groove by Everybodyduck
Still Know How To Groove (1998)
Label: Diadem

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Walk the Plank by Everybodyduck

Never rock the boat and I find that the sailing's
always smooth
From the outside things seem perfect but the inside
could improve
I make myself the only captain so the rules are always
With no one else allowed on board, well then I always
get to steer
But my life is worthless here though ship and cargo
are all mine
'Cause an empty life of luxury is still an empty life
Though this is what the world calls living beneath
these sails it's such a lie
If I'm to ever taste real life You make it clear first
I must die
The choice to end my life is made and I'll not change
my mind
The time has come to walk the plank and leave this
would behind
Step out by faith and die to self is all that You ask
me to do
This bloodstained plank's the only bridge between my
soul and You
And God…You and I so far apart
This cruel cross makes such a narrow bridge between
our hearts
Over the side, self crucified
With death in mind I walk the plank to save my life
Like, a canyon my sin separates me from the life You
Nothing I can do alone can cause this empty heart to
On this side amidst my treasure I'm the king but still
so lost
My soul starving for the peace that would be mine if I
could cross
But despite my sin You love me and that love has made
a way
To escape this sinking ship if I'll just trust You and
Over the cross on which You died for me, the plank's
on which you bled
All the joy of life freely received once my old life
is dead



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