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On The Run by Children 18-3
On The Run (2012)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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We'll Never Say Goodbye by Children 18-3

Ever wonder as the years go by
You can feel the story coming to a close
We're getting older for the rest of our lives
That's always, always how it goes

And all this time I have followed you close
Just hoping that you won't let me go
I'm lookin' over my shoulder now
At the meddling question that follows me home

Summer is almost over, we'll never say goodbye

Who has never been afraid of the dark
When you can hear the future howling at your door?
I never doubted you could take it this far
And it's better to weather the storm

It's kinda funny when I look back now
But up ahead has never felt so unknown
Every day brings you closer home, Leah
Just hold on, just hold on

Summer is almost over, we'll never say goodbye
Sunlight is growing colder, but we'll never say goodnight

The ending told me repeatedly
Believing only will carry me

Summer is that much closer, we'll never say goodbye
Promise when dreaming's over, we'll never say goodbye



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