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Don't Censor Me by Audio Adrenaline
Don't Censor Me (1993)
Label: Forefront

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We're A Band by Audio Adrenaline

Is what the world calls me
They dont understand
So they try to stop me.
I cant hide
So I stand up straight with Christ by my side
No, no, no, no need to be tongue-tied
So I say it loud, and I say it with pride
He died
Christ gave it all, but Hes coming back to life
Now Ive got a reason to be saying the things I say
And you know, Ive got a reason to be doing the things I do
So, here we go

Were a band
Were a band
With guitars in our hands
Were crossing the land
Were a band
Were a band
For the Son of Man
We will take a stand
You can make a plan
Hell be back again
Were a band
Were a band
Were a band
Were a band

Please remove your hands from my mouth
Its been long enough, so please do it now
Uuh, uuh, uuh, uuh, uuh, uuh, uuh,
You know you cant censor me
When wall flowers come to bloom
Four more voices fill the room
Say, you better get out of the way




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