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Audio Adrenaline by Audio Adrenaline
Audio Adrenaline (1992)
Label: Forefront

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What You Need by Audio Adrenaline

You donít need to have it all.
You donít even need a lot.
You donít need to be a doctor,
A judge or an astronaut.
You donít need to be a hero.
You donít need a lot of cash.
You donít need a fancy car.
You donít need to be a smash.
You need someone you can count on.
Someone you can trust.
Someone who is loving,
And your life you would entrust.

Itís not who you are,
Itís not who you know,
Itís not where youíve been,
Itís where youíll go.
Itís not how you look
Itís how you see
Itís not what you want
Itís what you need
What you need is a friend

A victim of a villain
Your life has been a mess.
Your past is full of sorrow,
Youíve had nothing but distress.
It donít matter if youíre poor.
It donít matter if youíre weak.
It donít matter if the years,
Have been hard on your physique.
Thereís someone you can go to
Who can save you from your sins
Jesus is your friend,
No matter where youíve been

I am the way, the truth, the life,
And thereís no other way to the father except by me.

You donít need to be a cool boy
You donít need to be his girl
You donít need to be the winner
You donít need to rule the world
You need a friend who died for you
A friend above us all
A friend whose name is Jesus
Who can catch you when you fall



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