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Dawn of Destruction by The Persuaded
Dawn of Destruction (2019)
Label: RockFest

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Wolves by The Persuaded

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You trust the voices in your own head
Your worst intentions
The things you said
You hate me
All i've done
I'll count my blessings
You want them too

You feel betrayed
But I feel it more
I called your name and you closed the door
So run with the wolves like you always do
I've said my peace
I'm done with you

You've burned your bridges
And watched them fall
You fake innocence to fool them all
You liar, traitor
I see right through you
I'm done with your conflict
I'm done with you

I pray
I pray you see the damage you've done
And I'll forgive you
But I won't forget
I wash my hands away from the dirt you left



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