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The Inbetween by Scarlet White
The Inbetween (2014)
Label: Shamrock Media Group

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Worthy by Scarlet White

Can you see, now, with your eyes
Drifting away. You feel like nothing will change.
Can you hear, me, say you're fine
Numb to the pain. Will you feel anything again?
Oh you're irreplaceable, and I can't, stand to see you like this
Oh you've been stronger now, and I will, take the weight from your heart

You are better than you think, and you will
Grow to find that it's easier, than you believe.
Cause you're not in this alone
The battle has already been won.
You are worthy.

We need you, now, by our side.
Ready to fight. You are the reason we rise!
Oh isn't it beautiful, how we find, the strength in our lives.

You're better than that
All hope is not lost
You're worthy of love
You're worthy of life



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