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Beautiful Ashes by Eowyn
Beautiful Ashes (2011)
Label: Independent

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Beautiful Ashes by Eowyn

[Verse 1:]
Tears of anger, while you wonder, why can't I just start again?
Devastation burns and plunders empty dreams and promises.

It's too late for digression, mindless wanderings. It's too late, don't you know?

You're beautiful, though you're ashes, you'll not waste away.
So beautiful, let your eyes see life with scars, not decay.

[Verse 2:]
Fire rages, faith is crumbled, tragically, yet love remains.
Restoration, built on ruins, hope still lingers in this place.


[Verse 3:]
When the darkness overwhelms you, and you feel like no one cares.
Do not fear, there is a God who loves you, and he is taking your hands.

Not decay. You're beautiful. You're not alone, you're not alone.
Though your ashes, you're beautiful.



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