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Keep The Change by ApologetiX
Keep The Change (2001)
Label: Parodudes
Christmasnite by ApologetiX

I took a walk around the world to see Your promised sign
I left my buddies laughin' somewhere in the sand behind
I watch the world glow to the dark light of the moon
I see another light in view
I walk the world but to a star's light not the moon
After all I knew it had to be something to do with Your
I really don't mind not havin' my old friends
As long as You'll meet me in Bethlehem

If I'm a crazy man, well, You still call me through the sand
If I'm a wise man, well, then You prepared the gold in my hand
I'll keep Your light in sight, with my serarch for You, it's like

You called me strongly from the East
But still, Lord Jesus, I'm no king
You took this planet by surprise whenever You came down
You stunned all them in Bethlehem
I caught Your beacon to these men
I picked it up and took my map and started out



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