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Beautiful Ashes by Eowyn
Beautiful Ashes (2011)
Label: Independent

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Cliche by Eowyn

Another day, another dollar does it even pay? Beggars can't be choosers,
nothings ever safe. Backing down instead of rising to a higher ground,
Keeping silent till it deafens all the other sounds. Slowy stirring so the pot won't over flow. Holding back enough so others never know.
Falling through the cracks it's do or die or be the same? On the
cutting edge it's time to take your place.
Cliche, Cliche When you think about it, why do you
say what you say? When you think about it, why do
you pray what you pray? When you think about it, have you become the Cliche?
Another day, another logical retreat. What is sewn becomes what
you will also reap. Love is blind until the view is through a strangers eye.
Wearing masks until we've all become the same disguise.
Plain and simple it is time to rock the boat. Off and running till you
push the envelope. No more putting off the things you should have done today. Now or never, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Choose this day whom you will serve and choose more than you
deserve. Try your very best to see your worth more than you believe.



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