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Vegas Car Chasers by Silage
Vegas Car Chasers (1998)
Label: Essential

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Credit Card by Silage

Eloquence, innocence and rhyme,
Mystery, and there is just no time.

Material imperfection,
A given classic girl duress and,
Your typical all around is pending less.

These bills I have to pay everyday,
It makes it kind of hard to write a song,
From the heart, but I do it anyway.
Like flavor flave I create,
And up all this debt, stress, mess,
Sit back and let it inspirate.

And I don't need no credit card,
Bringing me down.
Down, down, down, put me on the ground,
Underground way down, way down.

Tough again, that's what I need is an option,
Should I depend on, inferior common boring self?
It was so easy to sign the dotted line, mesmerized,
Thinking of stuff I want, to buy without a piece of mind.
Dropping a dine everytime, something catches my eye,
I gotta make it mine, gotta make it mine mine.


I know we do what we got to do,
Got to make it through these times,
Just to live, just to eat, you know I like to sleep.
Without thinking about or worring about these bills,
Dear God, just help me sit still.



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