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Dagger by Spoken
Dagger (2010)
Label: Independent

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Dagger by Spoken

I can't lie or apologize
I've held my tongue for far too long
Tel me, why should I deny
When we all know there's something wrong
Taken more than you could know
And still you stand here needing
It's left you cold, and all alone
And you can't stop bleeding

Driven deep into my heart

You're like a dagger
Driven deep in my side
Screaming lies and you're killing me
You're like a dagger
I stopped believing the lies
Hey, Hey
I know you're coming for me
Another moment passed you by
When you gave this all away
You've become what you despise
You swore you'd never be that way Traded treasure for the pain
Surrender seemed so far away
Would you awake and step outside Mistakes and blame are yours not mind

You are the product Of all that is wrong in this world



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